Collage of images, majesty Akahi Nui and the people of Hawaii, restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii is for all Hawaiians, even those who do not want to be free

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Pres. Clinton signing Public Bill 103-150, bill that admits America's wrong doing in overthrowing the legal hawaiian government.

In 1993 the 103rd Congress unanimously signed into Public Law the Apology Bill.

America publicly admitted to illegally overthrowing its ally and trading partner the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii and falsely imprisoning the beloved Queen Liliuokalani.

Since then, America, has done everything it can to avoid the consequences of this Bill. The inevitable result will be the restoration of a sovereign Hawaii.


Feburary 22, 1998, Majesty Akahi Nui, grandnephew of Queen Liliuokalani was coronated King of the Hawaiian Nation at the Iolani Palace. He holds the Kingdom of Hawaii Diplomatic Passport, is recognized internationally and has signed treaties with other nations.

Majesty and Wahine Akahi Nui with the `Iolani Palace in the background. Majesty coronated there Feb.22, 1998

Kingdom of Hawai'i, Nation
Sovereign Nation of God
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"Most Americans still think Hawaii actually wanted to become part of their country, never knowing that we're a conquered Nation and deeply resent our loss of Sovereignty."Sovereign Nation of God


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