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Land Grabbers Lose an Important Lawsuit

Makenna Beach, one of the last truly Hawaiian beaches on Maui is being cut up for Hotels, trendy Villas and gated communities. Only one thing stands in their way… The Kingdom of Hawaii. One of our citizens, I’ll call “Kuahine”, is living, camping in that area. When told she had to leave or face arrest she said,”that they had no jurisdiction over her as she was a citizen of the Kingdom of Hawaii” A court date was arranged 12/23/2004, and Majesty was subpoenaed. Actually the Subpoena demanded the presence of one “James Akahi” but since his name was legally changed more than ten years ago to “Majesty Akahi Nui” they had to put that on the paper instead. Instead they dismissed the case with prejudice. She has a right to stay. Kingdom of Hawaii Citizens needed to move to the Makenna area. The State has admitted they do not have jurisdiction over us. “Dismissal With Prejudice” usually considered an adjudication upon the merits and will operate as a bar to future action. Barron’s Legal Dictionary

Homeless/Houseless Epidemic in Hawaii

Question: When most of the jobs available are $6-$10/hr, and most employers can only hire part time or the state required benefits will put them out of business, how many jobs must you work to afford minium housing? The State figures a two person household only needs two, full-time jobs of $17/hr min for average housing. With cheap gas being $2.75 a gal and electricty being $.19/kwhr and what’s being offered as reasonable housing around $500,000, to buy or $1200/mo. for a small bedroom. Population increassed by 1.1% last year, mainlanders hiding from the terrorists that we all KNOW are coming. Think carefully befor you come, when the hammer falls, it’s gonna be mighty hard to see family and friends and there is never more than a 2 week supply of food for the entire population, less in the outer islands. Don’t come, don’t take any more land.


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Attention Kamehameha Grads

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