These are related through the Kingdom of Hawaii -Nation. These are supporters of the Kingdom and Friends. Support them, if possible.
Sites I’ve found interesting, have little or nothing to do with Their Majesties or Hawaiian Sovereignty but remind me how blessed I am to live in Hawaii

These are related through the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

For those of you from outside of the Hawaiian Islands these are various media sites. Not all of them are friendly toward Hawaiian Sovereignty or even give it a fair account, however it will give you some idea of the opinions of the local media on a daily basis.

Hawaii Reporter –
West Maui Local News –
Central Maui-
Honolulu Newspaper-
Hawaiian Fox TV News Page-

Although we DO NOT consider ourselves part of a secessionist group, by our understanding, secession is to pull out of the Union that one voluntarily joined. Hawaii was conquered and NEVER legally was a part of the USA, they do make a compelling point, when that government no longer holds the values of its founders… anyway here are links to some of these sites as requested.

Alaskan Independence Party –

10Four After School Youth Center10Four Denver After School Youth Program is helping underprivileged children in downtown Denver create sovereignty through safety and education. We support organizations with similar values and goals.