Kingdom of Hawaii Documents

Historic (Pre-1990’s)

    • President Grover Cleveland’s Address to Congress
    • Blount Report
    • Hawaiian Constitution 1840
    • Hawaiian Bill of Rights 1839
    • Queen Liliuokalani’s Protest
    • Queen Liliuokalani’s Portrait and Prophesy
    • Memorial Text to Congress and the People of the United States – Oct 8, 1897
    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN) Dec.10, 1948



Current (1990-)

  • The UNPO Report 1996
  • Boyle Address (Analysis of Public Law 103-150)
  • Apology of Congress (Public Law 103-150)
  • Rice v. Cayetano (Do the search,on the web, overwhelming information)
  • Re:Truth, Freedom and Justice The unlawful overthrow of the Nation of Hawaii
  • Order to Cease and Desist all sales of Property in Hawaii (Buying and selling of Known Stolen Property can be hazardous to your bank account)
  • Current Writ of Prohibition ( Majesty’s response to the “Akaka Bill” We are a free and Independent People, show a legal reason for your actions or BACK OFF!)