Order and Demand to Cease and Desist

Attention: To ALL Persons, Corporations and Legal Entities, the time is rapidly approaching and is almost here, for the International recognition of the restoration of the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii.

This past week (August 18 -24, 2002) we received word that the UN has approved (or at least agreed to begin the process) of restoring Hawaii among that Family of Nations – more to follow later as we get the complete story. The US was the only Nation to vote against this happening.

All of those who are even now considering buying or selling stolen property (ie., any land in Hawaii), don’t do it. This land has been stolen, the United States Government has officially admitted to this act, Public Bill 103-150.

International Lawyers (And the few congressmen who refused to ratify the bill) agree that this act opened the path for the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The World Court and the UN Agree that the US has failed to fulfill it’s obligations to the Hawaiian People and has stated that all of the colonized Nations will have an opportunity to be restored to sovereignty. The US was quick to grant that right to East Timor when they voted for independence, but when it was time for Hawaii to have that option, they allowed only the choices of Statehood or Trust Territory and then set the vote between two “Wars”, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam and let ALL the service related personnel vote. Talk about “stuffing” the ballot box.

If you live outside of Hawaii, think of “How did Hawaii become a territory?”. there is very little about it in the History Books, especially the US history books.

Hawaii is about to be restored to sovereignty status. The time is very, very near. The Large Corporations that have held the land here for so long are suddenly trying to sell it all. Do Not be fooled by “Fire Sale” prices. It is Stolen property and will soon be restored to it’s rightful owners, don’t give any money to the thieves, you’ll lose it in the end

Majesty Akahi Nui
Kingdom of Hawaii

King, Head of State and Trustee
Majesty Akahi Nui

Kingdom of Hawaii Nation
Ministry Trust

In Sworn Duty, I A m,

Majesty Akahi Nui
(actual Signature removed to prevent forgery)

Majesty Akahi Nui
Sovereign Heir to the Throne
Kingdom of Hawai`i Sovereign Nation of God
Royal Executive Order Number: R.P.1030
Kingdom Archives Number #1030

c c :
Mr. Benjamin J. Cayetano
Mr. Avery Chumbly
Mr. Alfredo G. Evangelista
Patricia Choi
Mayor Harry Kim
Mayor Maryanne W. Kusaka
Mayor James K. Apana
Maui Planning Commission
Chairman Jeremy Kozuki
Maui County Planning Department
Director Mr. John Minn
Mayor Jeremy Harris
City and County of Honolulu Planning
Director Randall Fujii
Hawaii County Planning
Director Christopher Yuen
Kauai County Planning
Director Dee Crowell
Chief Clerk of the Fourth Circuit
Ms. Lorna Ching
Chief Clerk of the Third Circuit
Mr. Lester Oshiro
Chief Clerk of the Second Circuit
Mr. Melvin Arakawa
Chief Administrator of the First Circuit
Mr. Kenneth Ling
Mr. Daniel Inouye
Mr. Daniel Akaka
Mr. George Bush Jr.
Mr. Bruce Babbitt
Ms. Mary Robinson
Mr. Miguel De La lama
Mr. Kofi Annan
Mr. Trent Lott
Mr. Richard A. Gephardt
Mr. Tom Daschle
Mr. Neil Abercrombie
Mrs. Patsy T. Mink
Mr. John C. Couch
S. G. M. , Inc.
Mr. Naoki Shimozaki, President
Wailea Resort Company Ltd.
Mr. Clark Champion
Mr. Dennis Okimoto, Sr. Vice President
Chaney, Brooks & Company
Mr. Andy Lieurance, V. P.
AMFAC/JMB Hawaii, Inc.
Mr. David Gleason, V. P.
Alexander & Baldwin Properties Inc.
Mr. Kent M. Hiranaga
Mr. Stephen J. Hlastala
Mr. Hideo Kawahara Engineering & Construction
Mr. Mercer Vicens
Mr. Gary Gifford
Mr. Peter Moynahan
Mr. David Murdock
Mr. Peter Baldwin
Mr. David McCoy
Mr. Chris Kanazawa
Mr. James W. Mozley Jr.
Mr. Pardee Erdman