From : Haven Putnam

RE: Family history


Dear Moke:

As I mentioned on the phone the other day this has been a very painful journey and in some small way I feel the need to say mahalo to your family for the hospitality and love you showed my great uncle Don Blanding . I donít have the time to go into the complexities of his relationships with the Putnam family , but one of the conclusions I have drawn from all this exploration into family history is I share a common bond with yours a sense of loss , that being the loss of a Kingdom ! To put events into historical context , my family came to America in 1640 seeking a better life for their children , a life that religious and personal freedom could be enjoyed without the fear of retribution from the government and state church !!! That journey was fueled by the desire to pursue and enjoy the fullness of Gods blessing for themselves and for their offspring !! Unfortunately they also brought the seeds of Gods curse (self- righteousness ) along with them and ended up in the middle of the Salem witch-hunts !!! They being the descendants of the Vikings also brought along with them the seed of the empire builders and conquerors, mercy and justice to be administered only after they were on the throne ! In many respects your ancestors bare many striking resemblances to my Viking ancestors , fierce warriors but not barbarians , they were motivated by what was best for the tribe and were looked up to maintain law and order ! As you mentioned on the phone King Kamehamehaís motivation to conquer the islands was to bring peace and he realized in order to accomplish that he had to conquer the neighboring kings as only one throne could bring peace !

Your King Kamehameha is an individual who would have felt quite at home with my Viking relatives as most of the Royal Houses of Europe can trace their heritage back to this group of Kings !

These Vikings ( Danish Kings now renamed the Normans) invaded England in 1066 and brought with them ìcommon lawî, eventually this legal system and subsequent form of government produced the Magna Charta and the Constitution of the United States. That same group of individuals could have just as easily written

ì The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness ì

I believe the prayers of your grandfather David and those of Queen Liliuokalani will be answered in Gods time , and my prayer is that time is now !!! They put all their faith in a God who has never broken a promise , in spite of the fact many who came in his name have !!!

I believe your Grandfather David and the Queen really believed

ì That the Life of the land would be perpetuated in righteousness ì and that the God they had entrusted their nation to would eventually make good on those prayers, even if he delayed the blessing for a short period of time !!! I believe in their heart of hearts your granddad and the Queen may have eventually realized that the God they placed all their trust in had something better in store , but in his time ! That the promise was to their offspring who had finally come to terms with the fact ìthat the life of the nation is perpetuated in righteousness ì that the God they trusted in has the power to raise up a King and Kingdom and the power to humble that Kingdom and in due time raise his

Kingdom up again !!!

My prayer is that now the subjects of that kingdom are ready to receive the Kingdom God promised to your grandfather and to Queen Liliuokalani !!! The kingdom your grandfather and the Queen prayed would be restored when her subjects realized a greater gift was in store for them !!! Question is does this verse from

Isaiah 7 :9 now carry a new meaning ?

ìIf you do not stand firm in your faith ,

you will not stand at all !!!î

ìNo faith no Kingdom !î

Mahalo nui

In the spirit of Alohi Lani


haven putnam


c.c : King Akahi Nui @